Velvet Roads – A Poem

In response to Belarusian 1 by Valzhyna Mort

imagine a bunting

but instead of triangles

there are pills, red and white

it is how i plan to decorate my house

bunting of pills and hanging rope like jungle vines

swinging from one to the other

perhaps not by hands

and i will carve words into walls

with a knife

words of my family

of my ancestors


and when the moon stamps the blue

with colonies of stars

i will step forth into the world

feet against stone

feet against grass

feet against the velvet roads

that go on and on

and i dance along them

in tune with the bellowing wind

until the roads burn away

when the dawn sets them alight

and cages me again


caged no lesser than an animal would be

padlock and chains

t-shirt and jeans

tamed by the same people that started me

cell by cell

pixel by pixel

kept alive by the whirring of machines

im so so sorry

beep beep beep


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